Competitive Soccer Overview & Playing Options

"We take a balanced approach to personal growth and player development and meeting the needs of every player is our top priority"

The Gulf Coast Competitive Program provides S.E. Texas’ best value for having fun, learning and developing in youth soccer.

Our program is player-centered and rooted in Long-term Player Development principles and offers a full spectrum of player pathways, from beginning competitive teams to elite teams playing in the top leagues and tournaments and into future Elite Club National League (ECNL) teams.

Reach Your Potential with Us! 

We focus is on individual player development so that every player reaches their full potential within the game. Meaningful player development is a long-term process that involves a creating a Personal Development Plan (PDP) for each player, continuous evaluation, and feedback by licensed and experienced coaches who are committed to helping players succeed. 

  • Player Evaluation – Players are evaluated upon entering the club to provide an objective analysis of their current ability in the 4-Pillars of Player Development and give them a starting point in the developmental process.
  • Player Placement and Movement – The goal of player placement is to assign players to teams that are developmentally appropriate and provides an environment that balances the players technical, tactical, physical and psycho-social resources with the external pressures they will experience in training and games over the course of the year. Player movement is a tool we use to manage the playing environment in the form of training/playing up or down or the permanent movement of a player. It is also important to remember that a player’s resources are not fixed or predetermined.
  • Player Development Plan (PDP) – The personalized PDP is designed to develop complete soccer players that excel in all 4-Pillars of Player Development: technical ability, tactical intelligence, physical attributes, and psychological elements. The PDP measures and tracks each player’s year-round progress in all areas of development throughout their time with us, thus assuring that players and coaches are on the same page and are working together toward helping them achieve their personal goals.

Competitive Levels

Gulf Coast Soccer offers two levels of competitive soccer to provide pathways for players of all ability and interest levels to continue learning and growing in the game.   

Premier - for advanced players who aspire to train and play at the highest level of competition and/or that strive to play college or professional soccer. Currently, these teams compete in Houston area Division I leagues of the highest quality such as USC League (US Club) or DDL League, State Classic League, or equivalent

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Select - for intermediate-level competitive players. These teams play in local Division II leagues that serve as an entry point to competitive soccer and/or those that aspire to play multiple sports and/or can not meet the time commitments of Premier level soccer.

Pre-Select (U10) - for intermediate-level players ready to take the next step in development to prepare for competitive soccer. 

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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between recreational and competitive?

A: Our competitive programs offer licensed professional coaches teaching a club-wide game model, training, and playing style. It requires a higher level of ability and commitment. Select teams train 2x per week for 7 months a year, Premier teams train 3x per week for 10 months a year. Select league games are local, while Premier league games are in Houston. 

Q: What does Competitive cost more than Recreational?

 A: The added cost covers licensed and professional coaches for every team, in-house coaching education, curriculum and training models, and our game model, supervised by our USSF A-Licensed Director of Coaching. 

Q: Why does Premier Cost more than Select?

A: Premier trains 3x per week, 10 months a year, Select 2x, 7.5 months a year. League fees in Houston area leagues cost much more than local leagues as well.

If you need help selecting a program, please let us know. Email us at for a personal consultation.      

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