Winter Futsal League

Gulf Coast Soccer is pleased to announce the addition of indoor Futsal to our program offering beginning January - February 2020. We hope you can learn more about this exciting global Futsal phenomenon that is rapidly becoming an integral part of modern youth soccer programming throughout the United States.   

Futsal is an exciting, fast-paced soccer game played indoors. Futsal is a 5v5 game played on a court surface with a smaller low bounce ball. The game is played without walls, using touchline boundaries to restrict the playing area. See What is Futsal? article for more details.  

Many professional soccer players grew up playing Futsal - Messi, Ronaldo, Iniesta, Neymar Jr. to name a few - Futsal is a proven training method for optimizing an individual’s soccer development. 

Our goal is to make your soccer player better by introducing him or her to Futsal. The fun, fast pace of futsal and smaller space means many more touches on the ball and allows a player to quickly recover and learn from his or her mistakes. We are confident that players of all ages and skill levels will enjoy and benefit from noticeably improved ball-handling skills and quicker decision-making capabilities that futsal provides. So please, join us for Winter Futsal and discover the secret to ball mastery and improving your game one touch at a time!   

The Benefits of Futsal Include:

  • Frequent touches on the ballball mastery 
  • Numerous goal-scoring opportunities per game
  • Reinforces creativity and quick decision making
  • Develops quick reactions and reflexes
  • Small space allows opportunities to rotate and play all positions
  • Builds player confidence - every player contributes to the outcome of the game
  • Strengthens possession-based soccer by emphasizing passing and movement
  • It develops the confidence in players to go 1v1 against their opponent

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What is Futsal?

There are a few basic differences between Futsal and outdoor soccer when it comes to soccer development.

  • Small-sided games. Futsal is played with five aside (4 outfield players plus a goalkeeper) on an indoor court. The small size of the court also means the pace of the game is much faster with players experiencing more touches on the ball and repetition of movement. The smaller space also inhibits players from making long runs and holding on to the ball for too long. Constant pressure forces players to react quickly and creatively to maintain ball possession because all players – attackers and defenders – are in constant motion.
  • Low bounce ball. A Futsal ball is smaller than an outdoor soccer ball and is specifically designed to be a low bounce ball. The foam-filled ball reduces bounce, keeping the ball at the feet of the players and in constant play thereby intrinsically allowing for increased movement and touches. With the ball on the ground, the players must use the feet more often for ball control and consequently they improve their passing technique.
  • Faster pace – the smaller space of the court compared with an outdoor pitch, promotes a faster pace with increased repetitions and touches on the ball, improves technical ball handling to maintain ball possession amidst the constant pressure, encourages creativity to feint opponents, perfects one-touch and precision passing and increases soccer fitness due to continuous movement. 
  • Playing surface. The surface of the court encourages ball control by using the sole of the foot on top of the ball. This allows a player more freedom to move the ball in either direction or hold the ball while the opponent runs past. By using the sole of the foot, the ball can more easily be pulled around to feint a player or to take a shot.

And unlike indoor soccer, Futsal does not allow the use of walls which means the ball is in constant motion and players must engage in quick decision making and smart, creative technical movement to maintain possession of the ball.

Registration/Season Information:

  • Eligibility: This is a club neutral league and is open to all kids that meet the age eligibility requirements
  • Season: Saturdays, January 11- February 22, 2020 (7 Games Guaranteed)
  • PreSeason Skills Clinic: Saturday, January 4th (included in registration fee)
  • Location: All games at Nederland/Groves Gyms (details to follow)
  • Fees: $65.00 per player
  • Playing Format: 5v5 (with goalkeeper), official US Youth Futsal Rules will apply
    • U8 - (1) 20-minute ball mastery warm-up, (2) 15-minute halves.
    • U10-U14 - (1) 15-minute ball mastery warm-up, (2) 20-minute halves
  • Facilities: Groves Activity Center and St. Paul Lutheran Church Gym
  • Team Formation: Choose your team - from friends, schools, club teams, or neighborhoods. Teams may be CO-ED depending on the number of players available. 
  • Team Size: Recommended 7-8 players (10 players per roster max)
  • Equipment Needed: 
    • Court/Indoor or tennis shoes only (NO CLEATS ALLOWED)
    • We will supply official futsal balls for all events (ONLY FUTSAL BALLS ALLOWED, NO OUTDOOR SOCCER BALLS IN THE GYM)
  • Age Groups (birth cut-offs):
    • U8 (Sept 1, 2014-Dec 31, 2012, includes 2014 1st graders)
    • U10 (2011-2010)
    • U12 (2009-2008)
    • U14 (Sept 1, 2005-Dec 31, 2007, includes 2005 8th graders)
    • U15-U19 - Coming Spring Summer 2020 
  • Registration Period: October 15 - December 15th (Online)

Register individually, choose the players, team, or coach you wish to be on during registration and we will roster you accordingly. If you do not have a team or preference, we will place you on a team. PLAYING BASKETBALL TOO! ASK US ABOUT OUR FLEX SCHEDULE (2-week notice required) Register now HERE

If you have questions about futsal or our winter program, please email