First Touch Program Overview

The First Touch Program is designed specifically for 2, 3 and 4 year olds who are ready to take their first touches on the ball in an organized setting. This program has some unique features that will promote social development and physical literacy in an age-appropriate manner and is aligned with the beginning of the Active Start Stage of the LTPD model used throughout the club. Children at this early age have developmental needs that are very different from those of older players, and thus require a learning environment that differs from “traditional” team sports programs.

Upon completion of the First Touch program, children will be well prepared to begin Micro Soccer next season.

Key Objectives & Methodology

· Key Objectives: Support the physical, social, cognitive, and emotional developmental needs of young children through fun, creative, and imaginative programming.

· Methodology: We use a mix of challenge-based activities that allow players to learn at their own pace in a fun, creative, and nurturing way. Players learn to listen and respond to instructions provided by a coach and will learn how to focus on tasks in a dynamic environment. Short, interactive activities focusing on basic movement and foundational soccer skills help children learn to move skillfully and enjoy being active.


Program Information

· Eligibility: 2, 3 and 4 year olds, based on birth year

· Season Length: 7-weeks

· Activity Format: Individualized activities in a group setting

· Program Structure: Co-ed, instructor-led activities for children and parents.

· Session Frequency: (1) per week, 45 minutes each

· Sessions: (1) each Saturday

· Coaching: Each session is led by a GCS staff instructor, following our progressive seasonal training plan.


Size 3 soccer ball (inflated with a name on it)

· Soccer cleats or athletic sneakers; NO SANDALS or open-toed shoes

· Shin Guards

Water bottle (with a name on it)

· GCS First Touch Program tee shirt (included with registration)

   First Touch Soccer Parent Guide


For more information, please contact Program Director, at or call (409) 960-1981.