Soccer Starts at Home - "Free" Program for 2-6-year old's


Parent Webinar with Tom Byer, October 25, 2020, 6-7 PM

Gulf Coast Soccer is excited to partner with the Houston Dynamo Academy and world-renowned soccer expert and author Tom Byer in bringing his "Soccer Starts at Home" philosophy to our club. 


Soccer Starts at Home (SSAH) uses a unique methodology for parents to instill confidence and focus in their children in the comfort of their home all while developing basic soccer skills and fostering a bond over the love of the sport.

Children as young as two years old benefit greatly from the stimulation of brain functions and the mastery of basic technical skills will give them a significant advantage once they’re old enough to join league play. Even beginning players ages 6-10 have benefited from the Soccer Starts at Home methodology to learn basic ball mastery skills before entering organized play. 

The Soccer Starts at Home mindset emphasizes two things: the importance of getting children comfortable having the ball at their feet as soon as possible, and the vital role that parents play in early childhood development. The development of agility, coordination, balance, and basic movement skills are enhanced through regular ball manipulation with both feet.

If you are interested in introducing SSAH in your home or have questions about the program, please complete the attached survey and someone will contact you.  

Program Overview:

Weekly training activities consisting of Ball mastery.

  • Parents are the key to success!
  • The program encourages and guides Parents to engage positively with their young child, inside the home, or out in the yard, a little bit each day (20 minutes) utilizing the ball mastery skills that are made available on this Video Skills Library page from our Partner in Development Houston Dynamo Academy.
  • Research has shown that developing new skills- whether in sports, music or the arts –at an early age, jump-starts the cognitive development in young minds.
  • When following the Soccer Starts at Home Program, there will be benefits that give your child a ‘flying start’ in the sport of soccer and the game of life! 
  • IT'S FREE! No Charge to Participate. 


  • Create a Safe Environment. Safety first, make sure to practice in a safe space in the home. When playing on wooden or linoleum surfaces, we recommend no socks to avoid Slipping.
  • Allocate time in your schedule to practice the weekly activities. Engage with your Child 20 minutes per day.
  • Provide positive encouragement for your child.
  • You can do as much or as little as you like. Once a week, twice a week, five times a week – whatever works for you
  • Use the Homework Scorecard to track your progress!
  • Use the #SSAHGulfCoast on your social media platforms.
  • If you have questions or need support email