Volunteering - How to Get Involved

Community, Club and Families - Together we can make a difference!

As with many non-profit organizations that benefit our children and community, the successful operation of Gulf Coast Soccer depends heavily on many volunteers devoting time to coaching, fundraising, field maintenance, serving on the board of directors or one of our committees, or even taking on a special project or event.

Since most people volunteer in support of their children, we must continuously replace a percentage of our volunteers each year as older players graduate from high school to sustain a viable operation. We have formed various committees and single-task volunteer positions to help spread the workload and to accommodate parents with busy schedules. 

We need your help! Regardless of the time and experience you have, we can find a project or action item to fit your schedule, ability, and interest level.

We have a Facility Master Plan and numerous improvement projects and activities to implement. We are seeking volunteers to help implement these tasks during the season and offseason.

How to Get Involved

To begin, learn about our many volunteer positions and opportunities available within the club by reviewing the website or communicating with our Volunteer Coordinator at board@gcysc.com 

You can also seek our board members to see what they do and ask if they need help with a task or event. If you notice a need or inefficiency within the club or on the complex and feel like you can make a contribution, let someone know. It may be that an improvement can be made if someone like you volunteers to lend a hand!

Volunteer Onboarding and Support (in development)

The Gulf Coast Soccer Club Operations Manual includes job descriptions, perpetual calendars, and procedures for most board and committee positions. This manual also provides “How to” guides for many tasks such as marking a soccer field, running community engagement events, opening day events, etc.