Micro Soccer Overview

The Micro Program provides 4- to 5-year old’s a fun, safe and developmentally-appropriate introduction to soccer.

In this program, we teach fundamental skills, basic movement skills (the “ABC”s of agility, balance, and coordination w/the ball) and help children learn to “move” skillfully. Players also learn how to work within a team environment, improve confidence and self-esteem, and enhance their social skills and interaction.

The Micro Program provides playing options for all U5-U6 players and prepares them for the Junior Rec or COE Academy Programs.

Key Objectives & Methodology of the Micro Program

  • Key Objectives: Introduce the game, learn basic ball mastery skills, develop gross motor skills, improve social interaction, and inspire players to love the ball and grow in the game. 
  • Methodology: Fun, soccer practice activities develop confidence with the ball. Short, fast-paced games improve each player’s understanding of the game while minimizing “idle time” and boredom.  



Team and Season Information

  • Season Length: 12-14 weeks
  • Game Format: Small-sided 3v3, Continuous Play Format 
  • Team Structure: Co-ed, balanced boys & girls, 6 player teams
  • Practice Frequency: Two (2) per week, 1-hour each, beg. Feb 27th.
  • League Games: One (1) each Saturday, with (4) 8-minute quarters
  • Coaching: Volunteer coaches are provided free coaching education, training curriculum, practice plans, online and in-person training and mentoring from Rec Director & Club Director of Coaching. 


  • Size 3 soccer ball (properly inflated, with a name on it)
  • Soccer cleats & Shin-guards
  • Water bottle (with a name on it)
  • GCS Recreational Uniform Kit (purchased separately, multi-year use)