SELECT - U11-U12 (9V9) | U13-U19 (11V11)

Gulf Coast Select offers quality coaching and training opportunities for developmental players. Select teams are coached and trained by our professional staff coaches and expected to train 7-months out of the year. New for 2022-2023: HS School players in U15-U19 will begin training March 20th in the spring after spring break and HS season is winding down (training fees will be prorated accordingly).  

Select teams practice 2 times per week and participate in a local competitive Division II league. It is common for Select teams to play 1-2 tournaments per year and/or an appropriate level Spring Cup. Although Select players will often participate in offseason camps, there is no requirement for teams to train year-round or in the offseason.

Competitive Levels We Offer

Gulf Coast Soccer offers two levels of competitive soccer to provide players all ability and interest levels pathways to continue learning and growing as a team.

If you are looking for a more competitive and challenging training environment or playing level, please see the Coastal Premier Alliance  

Premier - for advanced players who aspire to train and play at the highest level of competition and strive to play college or professional soccer. 

Select - for beginning-to-intermediate level competitive players, primarily local competition league.

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