Junior Year

  • Stay focused on your academics. Keep your grades up!
  • Stay involved in extracurricular activities and community service.
  • Review and update your academic plan for the school year (with family and school counselor)
  • Review grades and goals with family, coach and club college liaison.
  • Take the SAT and ACT - www.collegeboard.com
  • Review NCAA Clearinghouse eligibility requirements. The summer before your junior year, register with the NCAA Clearinghouse - www.clearinghouse.net
  • Stay organized! Create a file – you will begin receiving a lot of mail.
  • Early in your junior year, begin sending your resume with your club and high school schedules to your top 20-30 schools.
  • Attend college nights, college fairs, etc.
  • Get letters of recommendation
  • Update personal cover letters, resume & player profile
  • Attend Financial Aid workshops/Obtain financial aid forms - www.fafsa.ed.gov
  • Review college applications with the school counselor
  • In the Spring of your Junior year, begin narrowing the number of schools you are interested in attending. Keep coaches updated on your schedules and accomplishments
  • Make some unofficial visits to the schools you are interested in attending
  • Attend college showcase events
  • Attend a residential summer camp at a school you are interested in
  • Attend extra training sessions, skills training, and private lessons

If you have any questions or need personal assistance, please contact our college placement liaison at communications@gcysc.com