College Placement Program


Gulf Coast Soccer is committed to giving all players who want to play college soccer the opportunity to do so.

The Gulf Coast Soccer College Recruitment and Placement Program has been specifically designed to assist the specific needs of our athletes while providing guidance, resources, and information that will help them maximize their potential to play in the collegiate program that best suits their goals and dreams.

To help educate players and parents on the college recruitment process, what areas they need to spend time on and when; we offer a number of resources and services to support them.

College Recruitment and Placement Resources We Provide:

  • Individual player/parent meetings
  • Team meetings
  • Club-wide college placement workshops
  • Help to develop a personal 4-year college recruitment plan
  • Help organize player profiles/resumes
  • Training sessions run by ‘guest’ college coaches
  • Identify and place players in college showcase events
  • Contact college coaches on the player's behalf
  • Write letters of recommendation
  • Our staff provides guidance that is specifically tailored to each player's individual needs
  • Individual attention and guidance for our families throughout the process

Understanding that each player has different goals and objectives both academically and athletically, our staff provides guidance that is specifically tailored to your individual needs. Our staff has experience in both collegiate coaching and coordinating collegiate recruiting efforts and are well versed in the recruiting process and all NCAA rules, regulations, and restrictions.

To learn more about College Recruitment and Placement Program, please contact our college placement liaison at

What Next?

Freshman Year Action Plan

Sophomore Year Action Plan

Junior Year Action Plan

Senior Year Action Plan