Hosted Soccer Camps and Events

Gulf Coast Soccer is committed to providing our club members access to a wide variety of supplemental programs and camps to enhance their overall development as a player and person. Some programs we offer are aimed at helping players improve their Soccer Skills/Ball Mastery, Speed, Agility and Quickness (SAQ), Nutrition and Fitness, Goal Setting, Leadership and Community Service and College Placement.



Coerver® Performance Soccer Camps are designed to develop individual skill in all areas of the game with an emphasis on Ball Mastery and beginning Move Sets.

To develop confidence, soccer players are given time to gain competence in new skills before defensive pressure is added. When a level of competence has been established, small sided games which encourage the use of new skills are played.

When: June 24th - 28th, 5:30-8:30 PM

Learn more about Coerver Soccer Camps HERE

Summer Speed & Agility Camps, by Scott Meyer 

Every sport we play places different physical demands on us. You can be extremely educated and skilled when it comes to your chosen sport and the specific demands it requires, but if you lack athleticism, technique, and proper motor skills it can hold you back or let others get ahead of you. 

My one-hour workout will help you understand running technique, deceleration, and change of direction, conditioning for your sports, strength, flexibility and mental toughness. I coach players from all sports including soccer, baseball, softball, football, tennis, basketball, and others. 

My workouts are fun and challenging. Come with an open mind and be willing to learn! 

This program is open to all athletes from all sports and sports clubs. Learn More about my Speed & Agility Camps HERE