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The Coerver® 5-Day Play Like the Stars Camp develops individual skill in all areas of the game with an emphasis on Ball Mastery and beginning Move Sets in a fun and exciting week-long camp.

Great players have masterful control of the ball or "technical skill"...Technical skill can be taught and players attending this camp will be introduced to a variety and skills throughout the week that will raise their competency on the ball and improve their game.

The secret to the Coerver method is teaching sharp footwork and expert ball control by breaking down each move into components and then progressing players until their technique is second nature. Once a move is mastered, players learn to do them even quicker, at game speed. The key is to focus on repetition and deliberate practice. Soon, complex footwork becomes instinctive and a creative player is born!   

Coerver Camp Intro Video:

Coerver® Summer camps are designed for players who want to improve their skills and game effectiveness. Our aim is to develop confident and creative players while teaching essential social skills such as good sportsmanship and respect, in addition to a good attitude to practice and play. 

Campers receive a progressive series of instruction in:

  • Ball Mastery
  • Receiving and Passing
  • 1v1 Attacking Skills
  • Speed (including the speed of thought)
  • Finishing
  • Group Play

All this results in improving player’s ball control, 1v1 skills, creativity, the speed of play and overall Soccer IQ.

During this summer camp program, players will be taught mirror moves that emulate some of the greatest soccer players of our time. Each day a different 'Star Player" will be the curriculum focus making it an exciting training session for players


There 3 are distinct levels in our summer camp program:

  • Level 1 for ages 7-11
  • Level 2 for ages 10-14
  • Level 3 for ages 14 and older 

Camp staff will work together to determine the most appropriate group and level for each student and to create training groups where no camper will dominate – or slow down – the group. The curriculum and consistent evaluation are designed to assure the competitive compatibility of the groups allowing each player the best opportunity to improve and have fun.

Coerver Camp Director for Gulf Coast Soccer:

  • Rick Moss, Director of Coaching, Coerver Texas
  • Rick is the technical director for Coerver Texas’ year-round Performance Academy in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. He has conducted Coerver Camps all over the USA and internationally including in England, Scotland, and Brazil.
    • USSF B-License coach
    • Over 20-years with Coerver Coaching
    • Former Staff Coach for US Soccer
    • Former Staff Coach for Liverpool FC Academy
    • Former Staff Coach for the NSCAA

If you have any questions about the Coerver Play Like the Stars Camp, please email the Gulf Coast Camp Coordinator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW or WWW.COERVERTEXAS.COM TO REGISTER - Choose your camp location and session time to register!

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Coerver Coaching has history, it’s authentic, and the best soccer teaching program I have seen. I worked with it through all my career, and it definitely made me a better player…Kristine Lilly, Two-time USA World Cup Champion

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If you have any questions about the Coerver Camp, please email the Gulf Coast Camp Coordinator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.