Monday, December 11, 2017

Fair Play Team Formation Policy

In an effort to provide a balanced recreational league with close competitive games, GCYSC uses a random allocation team formation process. When forming recreational teams each season, we first assign coaches (and their children, as appropriate) to each team. We then use a computer-generated random allocation to assign the remaining players to the team. Finally, we review any special "teammate requests" submitted at registration, and work to swap players among teams to honor these requests to the extent possible. Note that BOTH players must name each other on their registration forms, and any "teammate requests" involving more than two players will not be considered. If two parent-coaches want to coach a team together, they must also list the child of the other coach on their child's registration form; again, special teammate requests may not involve more than one other player. 

For recreational age divisions U5-U10, GCYSC will use a computer generated random draw for team formation. Each team will begin with (1) Coach and (1) Asst. before drawing for a computer generated team.

Explanation: Over the years GCYSC has attempted to hold tryouts and draft, random draw from the hat, grouping by neighborhood or even allowing parents to request a particular coach. While the intentions were always good, this practice has led to some “stacked” teams dominating some age divisions and to the discouragement for the kids and coaches on the weaker teams. The club has listened to and carefully considered both sides of this issue and weighed several options including a tryout/draft and a manual hat draw draft. A tryout and draft is very difficult during the summer vacation season and in the past over 50% of the players missed the tryout and were ultimately drawn out of the hat. Since we count on so many new volunteer coaches in the younger age groups who are not familiar with the kids, the club determined that the computer generated draw (or automated hat draw so to speak) provided the most unbiased and fair team formation.

Our goal as a club should always be to provide maximum enjoyment for all kids and having evenly balanced teams helps to acheive that goal. The kids enjoy playing in a close game more so than a lopsided one. By re-balancing the teams each year players get to know more players and make more friends over the years they play in the club. The club also provides ongoing coaching education and the Gulf Coast Soccer Curriculum aids coaches in creating age appropriate session plans for the season. We look forward to many great seasons in the future and appreciate your support on the club team formation policy.

Thank You,

GCYSC Board of Directors